Sunday, December 31, 2017

Farewell 2017

I think, ever since I was a kid, the last day of the year has been a reflective time for me. A dividing line between the old and the new. A day of letting go. A day of hope. A chance of renewal. A clean slate.

2017, on national, global, and personal levels, was a year of great change--extreme highs and extreme lows. For me, it was a year of reckoning--with who I am, with who I know I can be.

This year brought a chance to start over in an entirely new environment and I am SO grateful that that new environment has panned out as a place I already think of as home--a place I can see myself in years and years from now, maybe even until that final transition (I don't know yet if relocation expenses will be covered for that one).

Because of the changes of 2017, especially personally, I approach the new year with hope and with faith that things are always moving forward, progressing, and headed toward our greatest and highest good (even though that may not always be immediately apparent).

So, my friends, I hope you peek through the door into the new year with optimism...

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