Monday, December 19, 2022

My 2022 Writing Year in Review

Today, I'm #grateful for my #writing output for this year.

The three novels and one novella (Moving Toward the Light) pictured allowed me not only the opportunity to entertain and, I hope, enlighten, they also afforded me the chance to live for a while in the minds of a #transgender woman, a victim of #domesticabuse finding redemption in the mystical magical town of Seaspray, a man hungry for love after loss dipping into the treacherous waters of online dating, and a sexual abuse victim getting revenge on her tormentors via the help of a friend from beyond the grave.

The year also marked the beginning of a beautiful collaboration with audiobook narrator, David Allen Vargo, whose talents brought to life THE PERILS OF INTIMACY and will do the same for at least three of my novels in 2023. I was also blessed this year to be included in the fantastic mystery anthology, CUPID SHOT ME, along with some amazing author talents.


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