Wednesday, December 21, 2022

SEASPRAY is OnTopDownUnder Reviews Best Book of 2022!

I was thrilled to wake to the news that the review site OnTopDownUnder had published a list of their best books of 2022...and my own Seapray was #1 on the list. Reviewer Cindi said:

"Seaspray isn't just one of my favorite books by Rick R. Reed. It's one of my favorite books of all time."

Read the whole review here (as well as see the excellent company I'm keeping on this year-end round-up).


Winslow Birkel is a sweet young man in his first relationship. But his boyfriend, the charming and fiery Chad Loveless, has become increasingly abusive to the point where Winslow fears for his life.

Everything changes in a single night when Winslow, fleeing yet another epic fight, goes out to a local bar and finds a sympathetic ear in a new friend, Darryn Maxwell. But when he comes home, Chad’s waiting. He’s got it in for Winslow, whom he wrongly accuses of being unfaithful.

The stormy night sends Winslow off on a journey to escape. The last thing he recalls is skidding off the road and into the river. When he awakens, he’s mysteriously in the charming seaside town of Seaspray, where people are warm and welcoming, yet their appearances and disappearances are all too inexplicable.

Back home, Darryn wonders what’s happened to the new guy he met during his first outing to the local gay bar, the Q. Darryn knows Winslow’s been abused, but he also feels he’s quickly fallen in love with Winslow.

Can Winslow and Darryn decipher their respective mysteries? Is it possible for them to reunite? Is Chad still lurking and plotting to make sure Winslow never loves anyone else? The answers to these questions await you in Seaspray, where you may, or may not, ever leave.

Audiobook coming in 2023, narrated by David Allen Vargo 

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