Saturday, March 7, 2009

Win a FREE, Illustrated, First-edition Copy of A FACE WITHOUT A HEART

So I'm writing this post from Las Vegas, where I'm in town for the Eppie Awards. I'm feeling a little bleary-eyed this morning, after a night of martinis and Middle-Eastern food last night on the strip with a group of boisterous erotica writers. How I long to be like the Gary Adrion (it's an anagram for Dorian Gray, see) character in A Face Without a Heart: to look young and fresh as a daisy while a portrait of me somewhere showed signs of age and debauchery.

I'm writing this blog to celebrate a new review of A Face Without a Heart, my contemporary take on Oscar Wilde's The Picture of Dorian Gray. And to celebrate this e-book edition, I'd like to give away five, free signed copies of the now-out-of-print trade paperback illustrated first edition of A Face Without a Heart.

All you have to do is:
1. Subscribe to this blog
2. Post a comment to this specific blog
3. Make sure I can get in touch with you for mailing instructions

That's it! If you want to read the book, and don't want to wait, simply click on the title links above.

Here's a little snippet of what has me feeling so good this morning, despite the dirty martinis last night:

"I would recommend this novel to those readers who are interested in great character studies and like to challenge themselves with confronting themes and issues...I also think for anyone who was fascinated by The Picture of Dorian Gray reading A Face Without A Heart is an absolute must."

Read the rest of the review here...and enter the contest! Bonus points if you cut and paste this blog on your own blog or e-mail list, so your friends can get in on the give-away.


  1. I already have a copy--jusr saying hi and wishing you the best----Amos Lassen

  2. Go ahead and enter me, Rick. Best of luck tonight at the awards ceremony. Wish I could be there. ;)

  3. Okay, consider yourself entered, Cat. Thanks for the best wishes...too bad you aren't here. The conference has been a blast.

  4. congrats on winning the eppie for orientation...

  5. Congrats on winning the Eppie. Well deserved.