Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Getting Silly with Mystery/Romance Author Neil Plakcy

I flew down to South Florida to escape the heat in Seattle this week and to interview the charming, boyish, and hopelessly cock-eyed optimist, Neil Plakcy for this blog. Neil balked at being silly, but after I induced him to have a couple highballs and engage in a tickle fight with me, he was all buttered up for my silly questions...and a whole lot more! Nudge, nudge, wink, wink...say no more!

Here's Neil...bein' silly:

1. If you could invite any famous person, dead or alive, for dinner, what would you eat?

John Barrowman. (Guest and main course.)

2. Who do you think you are?

You tried to push me a bit too far/And every day sees another scar

3. What’s your problem?

More like a who. But he’s bigger than I am so I’m not naming names. Though his initials are the Jewish American Prince of Darkness.

4. If you could have one wish, would you give it to me?

Ummm… why? Don’t you have your own wish?

5. Where you at?

In the classroom teaching English grammar. Why you not there, too?

6. If you had to choose only one vice, what would it be?

Chocolate. But sex would be a close second.

7. What’s your favorite brand of cereal?

Life. Really. Since childhood.

8. When you wake up in the morning, what celebrity do you most resemble?

Sean Connery, from his Robin and Marian days. (Swoon.) The JAPoD would say I look like Quark, the Ferengi from Star Trek Deep Space Nine.

9. Do you know your ass from a hole in the ground? And if so, how do you tell the difference?

I also know the difference between shit and shinola.

10. Do you have anything you’d like to plug?

You mean besides John Barrowman? How about my new romance,, from MLR Press? Nine out of ten dentists who chew gum prefer it.

Neil Plakcy is the author of Mahu, Mahu Surfer, Mahu Fire, and Mahu Vice (August, 2009), mystery novels set in Hawaii. He has been a finalist for the Lambda Literary Award for best gay men's mystery (2008, 2009)and winner of the 2009 Left Coast Crime/Hawaii Five-O Award (best police procedural). Visit Neil's website.


  1. YAY, NEIL! I love his books and this interview is great. Thanks!


  2. If I call you a pair of silly tarts I hope you'll take it as a term of endearment (that's how the phrase is used chez Cochrane).

    If I confess that I've met John B you won't hit me, will you?


  3. WTF is up with that bunny outfit? Nice tail though ;)

    Great interview, guys.


  4. I confess that this is my regular Halloween costume. It's simple and easy and when you take the tail and ears off it just looks like you're wearing white.

  5. But... Halloween is after Labor Day??!!

    Great interview, and YAY! it's Neil. I'm still seriously fangirling you from afar for Mahu and I promise I don't pump Kris for too much information on your latest and greatest with MLR. She's too discreet and trustworthy anyway and no amount of bribery... ER...

    Gaylife is on top of the TBR and I'm looking forward to August a lot. (