Friday, August 27, 2010

Take the American Morality Survey

The so-called "Public Advocate of the United States" is passing around the "American Morality Survey" hoping that it will definitively show Americans do NOT support equal rights in marriage, jobs, and education.

Let's tip the scales in favor of decency and equality by taking their survey and showing them what's right.

I did. It was only five quick questions, and I'm sure they expect you to side with them.

This, in part, is what I got in response after I clicked the submit button for my survey:

"Dear fellow American,

I would like to thank you for completing the American Morality survey. The Radical Homosexuals claim you and other pro-family Americans actually now support same-sex marriage, special job preferences for homosexuals and promotion of the homosexual lifestyle in schools.

Now that I have your completed survey, we can prove to Congress that the American people do not support the Homosexual Agenda.

I know you understand just how serious this issue is..."

Hope you will stand up for true democracy and take the survey today.

Take the survey here.
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  1. LOL Oh, I am going there with bells on!

  2. It would be so great to turn this back in their faces. Hell to the yeah!

  3. Completed the survey and got visited by Jehovah's Witness right after. Is there a connection? I'm staying indoors.