Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Tale of Two Covers

Sometimes, our best intentions go awry. Recently, I wrote a blog revealing the cover for my upcoming gay romance novel, Tricks, from MLR Press (look for it in late September/early October). Well, the cover below, which I thought was wonderful (designed by the talented Alex Beecroft), was fated to live a short and uneventful life:

See, that cover, after everything was all laid out and put together, was almost identical to the cover used by another publisher, Dreamspinner Press, for their anthology, Sindustry II. This is what happens occasionally when we rely on stock photography for cover images.

Too close. Just wouldn't do. I had to say goodbye to the original cover concept.

Out of the ashes arose a second cover (by the amazing Deana Jamroz) which I think is absolutely stunning and puts a face on my book that I could only have dreamed of.

 So it's nice to get a happy ending.

Here's a look at the the whole wraparound, front, back and spine, for the upcoming Tricks.

And here's what Tricks is about:
Tricks can mean many things: sex partners, deceptions, even magic. In Rick R. Reed’s searing love story, it means all three. Arliss is a gorgeous young dancer at Tricks, the hottest club in Chicago’s Boystown. Sean is the classic nerd, out of place in Tricks, but nursing his wounds from a recent break-up.

When the two spy each other, magic blooms.

But this opposites-attract tale does not run smooth. What happens when Arliss is approached by one of the biggest porn producers in the business? Can he make his dreams of stardom come true without throwing away the only real love he’s ever known? And will this question even matter if the mysterious producers realize their dark intentions?

Watch for it this fall!

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  1. Well, darn it. There went an episode of my Misadventures in Stock Photography! ;)

    But I really, REALLY like the new cover - it's powerful and a bit darker.

  2. Rick
    I LOVE this new cover which I think captures your story. I can't wait for the release.

  3. Looks like a hand about to beat it off. Just my hard opinion ;)))

  4. I love if when things that seem to be disappointments actually turn into really wonderful things.

    Your cover is one of them.

    The original cover is hot, and would have been nice.

    The new cover is hot as well, and yet is more..well...more Rick Reed.

    It's fantastic! The book sounds fantastic, too!

  5. Love the new cover Rick something about it just screams a Rick Reed Novel and I don't just mean the fact that your name is on the cover ;) lol

    T (ebookaddict)

  6. More intense, I think you're saying.

  7. Oh, yeah! That last cover is awesome. I looked at the first one and turned my head this way and that. Thought, "Okay. Not bad." Seeing the final cover made it come to life.

    I was also dealing with the cover artist. I maybe should have asked for more changes, but (being shy) I had to let it go. My cover is okay, but your final cover is AWESOME!!!!

  8. I liked the first cover, but the second cover is nice and mysterious! Good Deal!