Thursday, September 2, 2010

Win a FREE Copy of My New Collection ON THE EDGE

The contest is now closed. The two winners are Jason and Lupa. Congratulations to you both and happy reading. I have sent you e-mails to work out the details.

On the Edge is my collection of gay romantic erotica, stories that had been previously published only as e-books. Now they're available for the print readers among you, in this lovely paperback edition (I think that cover is amazing!).

Anyway, you're saying: "get to the free part, stupid. That's what I'm here for." Okay. The rules are easy to follow:

1. Subscribe to this blog by clicking on the link at the right.
2. Leave a comment below. Very important: give me an e-mail address where I can contact you, should you win.
3. Share news about this contest via Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, Your blog, your me get the word out. You can also use the handy "share" button at the bottom of this post to do the above.

That's it. I will announce not one, but two, winners tomorrow. There, your odds have just doubled, so what are you waiting for? The fine print: contest is available only to those living in the US (sorry, but postal rates to foreign lands is prohibitive).

Here's a bit about the book:

In Rick R. Reed's haunting, mesmerizing, suspenseful, and romantic world, his gay male characters live on the edge, often literally as well as figuratively. In this new collection, you'll take a wild ride with some of literature's most unforgettable characters. Along the way, you'll be moved--to tears, to laughter, to uneasiness, and sometimes, to arousal. As Bette Davis once said, 'Fasten your seatbelts. It's going to be a bumpy night.' Previously available only in electronic format, these eight stories of Gay Erotica and Romance have now been combined for a paperback edition! Included are the tales:

Superstar (A story about promises made, promises broken, and dreams unfulfilled. Yet ultimately, it's about realizing that love can come along when one least expects it--and in the unlikeliest of places.)
Through The Closet Door (A tale that brings to painful life the consequences of coming out of the closet when you're married. Gregory's mask is slipping, pulled down by the allure of a handsome neighbor and the demands of a desire that only gets louder the more he tries to quiet it.)
Riding The El At Midnight (When the gorgeous and twisted Mark boards a northbound el train, he is looking for love in all the wrong places. Finding Julio aboard that same train, Mark thinks, is the answer to his dreams. But are his dreams nightmares?)
Fugue (Slip into the dungeon playroom of a master and his boy. But in the boy's mind, a dream state takes him places the master could not imagine...places where the established order turns upside down.)
Incubus (Two men, one predator, and a violent crime equal a journey into hellish nightmare territory. This tale merges horror with a tragic love story and the result is...chilling.)
Man-Amorphosis ('I awoke one morning from uneasy dreams to find my penis had transformed itself into a vagina...' Thus begins the story of a very unusual day.)
No Place Like Home (Trannies and Psychos and Bears...oh my! Burl discovers--in a hilariously bizarre quest--that there really is no place like home.)
Pottery Peter (One long hot summer. Three gorgeous men. And a burning triangle set down in the middle of a factory filled with sweaty men with bulging biceps.)

Good luck! And if you can't wait for the contest you can buy your own copy of On the Edge here.
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  1. Hey Rick. I know you're excellent at writing horror and humor so I can just imagine what your erotica is like:) I'd love to get a copy.

  2. pick me, pick me!!! i'd love to read some, ahem, 'short fiction' written by you!!

    i superscribed, shared, and commented!! i'm such a good boy!

  3. I'm ashamed to say I still have "IM" and "Deadly Vision" in my TBR pile... dreaded work keeps getting in the way of fine reading!

    Subscribed,commented and *crossing fingers* for a win :)

  4. Deb, don't forget to leave an e-mail address. I'd hate to draw you, then have to throw your name back in the hat because there was no way to reach you.

  5. Would love to win a copy. I just tweeted about the giveaway and I subscribed through GFC.

  6. Hiii, I love your books so far and look forward to reading this one....hopefully it will be a signed copy •(~_~)•

  7. Hey Rick, I love your work. I would love to read this. My email address is I've subscribed and have been following you a long time. And of course I will share with my friends on FB. I believe many are already mutual friends. You take good care. Hugs. ~ Markey

  8. Count me in! I'm reading A Demon Inside right now and loving it. Hell it gets a thumbs up for mentioning Pequod's :) My partner and I LOVE that pizza. I live in the south burbs but we drive up there at least twice a month.

    I'm gonna break up my addie so it can't be blog swept. michaelsbookemail @ yahoo .ca (not .com)

  9. Mike--Pequods was one of our favorite pizza places in Chicago...and we miss it.

  10. Love that you are always doing stuff to interact with your readers Rick

  11. Hi Rick, I'm a usually quiet follower... but this is an opportunity I don't really want to pass up. I added you to my blog post today. Please count me in as well.

    Thanks, Miranda
    Sweet Vernal Zephyr
    mdwartistry at yahoo dot com

  12. I'm a follower, commented and tweeted. Count me in please.

  13. I'm a follower. I shared this contest with the members of m/m romance group on goodreads.


  14. Here's hoping 3rd times the charm!


  15. I want one!!!

  16. Good luck with sales.

    from a NIFTY "Prolific Writer" who hasn't gotten any thing actually PUBLISHED!

    Daddy-Bear ike

  17. Yes please!

    Tales from the Sexual Underground was my Rick Reed cherry popper. Now I need more. More!

    piathewriter (at) gmail

  18. Rick,I want a copy. OMG I love your stuff. my e mail is lovelybunny40@gmail,com

  19. Congrats Rick! I'm eager to read On the Edge. Tweeted, fanned, and on the edge...of my seat.
    Owen Keehnen

  20. Keep up the great work!

  21. The contest is now closed. The two winners are Jason and Lupa. Congratulations to you both and happy reading. I have sent you e-mails to work out the details.