Monday, February 7, 2011

A Message from a Reader

Really, kids, notes like this truly make what I do worthwhile. It's not about the recognition or the royalties or even the pleasure of holding a printed book in your hands with your name on the cover, it's really all about making this kind of one-on-one connection with the heart and mind of a reader.

Melissa Bradley, a wonderful author in her own right (see her links below), took the time to send me this message after she read my e-book Moving Toward the Light.

Hi Rick,

I wanted to take some time and let you know what I thought about your story, Moving Toward The Light.

Words cannot begin to express how much this story invaded my mind. I was overwhelmed by the raw brutality, the tremendous grief and the harsh realism. You took me to a place that was shocking, that made me angry and sad all at once, but I could not stop reading. So many times I wanted to click the document closed and say that was it. I felt like a coward, but deep down I knew if you could write this, then I could certainly be brave enough to follow you on this dark journey. Jimmy made it all better, though, the angel who slew the beasts. How I wanted to kill those men right along with him. I loved how you made their deaths sufficiently horrifying and gruesome, appropriate for their crime. At the end I wanted to take Miranda home with me. This is one of the most powerful, provocative and unforgettable stories I have ever read.

You have an astounding gift for creating the most unique, complex characters that reside within the reader's mind and heart long after we've finished the tale. And you take us to seamy worlds that we choose to ignore because they make us uncomfortable. You make your readers think and that's the mark of a truly excellent writer. It's no wonder you have your own keeper folder on my computer.

Hope you are having a great week,

Melissa Bradley

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  1. I should put that letter in your blog:

    Yes, Melissa is an awesome reviewer. She reviewed a few of mine and her words, in this boy's heart, will last forever.

  2. Rick, this really was an extraordinary reading experience. I hope others will snap it right up.

    Thank you, Mick! Your words mean a lot to me.