Friday, July 8, 2011

Writing Love Stories and Living Them

Today I'm the guest blogger on Jessewave and am baring my soul and going very personal--about my own love story and the effect it's had on writing my fictional ones. I hope you'll take the time to check it out and leave me a comment.

In part, my blog on Jessewave says:

"For my partner Bruce and me, June and July are celebratory times. Our anniversary was June 15 (yea! we have made it to nine years now…and I see many more ahead of us) and both of our birthdays fall in July (mine on the first, along with our Boston Terrier Lily) and Bruce on the 12th.

Bruce and I were having dinner at a little French bistro in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle on my birthday last week and, as the wine flowed, we talked. He told me how content he was with his life and that, really, there was nothing else he could wish for. I felt the same way. It’s nice when you’re on the same page. He said we had something special and that one word summed up what we had.

I’ll get to that word later.

But it wasn’t easy getting to this page in the book of our lives. And thinking about Bruce and me has made me consider my other special love, and that’s writing. If any of you out there have followed my career at all, you’ll know that, lately, my stories have plotted out the course of love just as much as they have the build-up of suspense or horrifying revelations. I can proudly say I am now just as much a romance writer as I am a horror or dark suspense writer..."

Continue reading the blog here.
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