Thursday, February 11, 2016

Two Terrific Release Day Reviews for Mute Witness!

Release day for MUTE WITNESS started off with a bang with two rave reviews from Love Bytes and The Novel Approach. I could not be more grateful!

"This is the second gay fiction book that I’ve read this month that really blew me away...I love a book that can make me feel, and this book brought me to tears several times. Overall this was a fantastic read..."
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"It will definitely keep you caught up in a web of emotions..."

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The abuse of a little boy turns a community against a loving gay couple, and nobody comes out of it unscathed.

Sean and Austin have the perfect life: new love, a riverfront home, security. Their love for one another is only multiplied when Sean’s eight-year-old son, Jason, visits on the weekends.

And then their perfect world shatters. Jason goes missing.

When the boy turns up days later, he’s been so horribly abused he’s lost the power to speak. Immediately small town minds turn to the boy’s gay father and his lover as the likely culprits. What was a warm, welcoming community becomes a lynching party out for blood. As Sean and Austin struggle to stay together amidst innuendo, the very real threat of Sean losing the son he loves emerges. Yet the true villain is much closer to home, intent on ensuring the boy’s muteness is permanent.

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