Friday, March 25, 2016

Pre-Release Review for BIG LOVE & It's a RAVE!

The kind folks at the Book Unfunk blog just gave my upcoming April 4 release, BIG LOVE an unqualified rave review. I adored the fact that the reviewer, Sheri, loved my teenage main character, who's struggling to come out, so much. Truman Reid will always, I think, be one of my most favorite characters among all of my main characters.

In part, Sheri said:
"One of my absolute favorite things about reading is when a connection occurs. When something resonates from the story and touches you. A very special young man touched my heart while reading Big Love and I will always be grateful to Rick for bringing Truman into my life. Technically speaking, there are three main characters here. But it’s not a the type of threesome that you might be thinking. They each have their own story or path and when their paths intersect BIG things happen.
I’m a pretty devoted RRR fan. He’s an author that I can trust and rely on. I know what I’m going to get and consequently, I’m a repeat customer. The backbone of the plot was familiar but the meat of the story was fresh."
Read the full review here.
I hope you'll check out BIG LOVE. I love all of my books, but this one stands out as one of my best.
Officially, BIG LOVE debuts on April 4, but you can pre-order now from Dreamspinner Press. Go here for the ebook and here for the paperback. Need to order for Amazon Kindle? Go here


Teacher Dane Bernard is a gentle giant, loved by all at Summitville High School. He has a beautiful wife, two kids, and an easy rapport with staff and students alike. But Dane has a secret, one he expects to keep hidden for the rest of his life—he’s gay.

But when he loses his wife, Dane finally confronts his attraction to men. And a new teacher, Seth Wolcott, immediately catches his eye. Seth himself is starting over, licking his wounds from a breakup. The last thing Seth wants is another relationship—but when he spies Dane on his first day at Summitville High, his attraction is immediate and electric.

As the two men enter into a dance of discovery and new love, they’re called upon to come to the aid of bullied gay student Truman Reid. Truman is out and proud, which not everyone at his small town high school approves of. As the two men work to help Truman ignore the bullies and love himself without reservation, they all learn life-changing lessons about coming out, coming to terms, acceptance, heartbreak, and falling in love.

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