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LOVE STORIES: The Essent Quest by JJ Lore

Welcome to my little exploration of love, how people fall in love, what keeps them together, and what keeps them apart. This week, we have JJ Lore talking about her reaction to Googling a lost love and it's an interesting perspective. And please read on to check out The Essent Quest!

JJ'S LOVE STORY: Googling A Lost Love
I’ve done it, you’ve done it. We’ve all done it: Googled a lost love. I resisted the impulse for years, and I’m not quite sure why I caved, but I did and I’m ashamed to admit it. 

My discomfort with experience is probably due to the fact that I don’t retain much affection for past attractions. Give me some time, some wine and I’m ready to move on. There’s no high school sweetheart out there I’d turn my life inside out to reconnect with, no great and sweeping star-crossed love I secretly crave. That’s probably why I write romance, because there’s not too much in my grocery-shopping, caretaking, commuting, laundry-doing, cooking, actual life. I’m the kind of person who carries a first aid kit everywhere, not a mad passion for ‘the one’.

When I decided to check up on a past crush, it was quite out of character for me. I wasn’t interested in this person any more, hadn’t really cared or thought about him in over a decade, so what did it matter? I must have read an article about it, and thought, why not find out what all the fuss is about. 

So I opened up that trusty Google home page, typed in the name I hadn’t uttered in many years and hit enter. So much had changed in my life since I’d last seen him. I was a different person, from the way I thought about things to the way I interacted with people. Was I going to regress when I looked over the results? Get all fluttery and start fantasizing about some wild chance encounter? The first couple of listings were not applicable, then there he was on Facebook. I hovered over the link for a long time, but finally ordered myself to plunge ahead and click it. I confess, I did read the bio, and I looked at his profile picture. Then I immediately closed the tab and watched some funny cat videos as a way to mentally wash my hands of the episode.

It turns out, my aversion to looking back held true. Yes, I recognized him, but none of the old feelings resurfaced. All that youthful passion and excitement remained a mere memory and for that I am grateful. I like my life and I love the way it’s heading, so it seems I truly have shed that emotional anchor from the past.

Playboy Tellan knows other races consider his people spoiled and arrogant, but he’s determined to put aside fine sheets and elegant meals in order to search for a mythical Domidian elixir for his ailing sister. He’s also smart enough to realize he’ll need help staying alive in the unsettled wastes of the Empty Quadrant.

Enter Jorant, an intimidating Atavaq who’s been genetically modified to be the perfect soldier. On the run from his past, Jorant accepts the task of protecting Tellan as they venture to a planet populated by tentacled monsters and space pirates. As they search for the potion, Jorant realizes his Domidian client isn’t as helpless as he’d assumed, and Tellan is intrigued every time the taciturn bodyguard speaks. Will their unexpected attraction to each other survive the dangers threatening to destroy them?

From Loose ID

J. J. Lore has been interested in the dashing men who roam outer space since she was transfixed by Han Solo piloting the Millennium Falcon a long time ago in a theatre far, far away. Sadly, there is no way for her to join in the fun of intergalactic adventures unless she writes them, so that’s what she does whenever she isn’t taking care of the business of life. If you can’t find her typing madly on her sluggish keyboard, she’s probably poking around in a thrift store searching for the perfect pair of worn jeans or a vintage kachina bolo tie. These days she puts her anthropology degree to work when she whips up dishes from many different cultures, most of which benefit from a liberal dose of sriracha or a smear of green curry paste. Her favorite reading topics are costume history, epidemiology, and permaculture, all of which she’d like to work into a story if she’s suddenly overcome with a brilliant idea someday. 

Twitter: @JJLore1

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