Thursday, November 15, 2018

Dear Hoped For Reader

Dear Hoped for reader,

I wrote this book for you. I see you in my mind’s eye—a high-school kid, a little shy, maybe a little bookish. You stay on the periphery of the social scene. You know, the one everyone seems to belong to except you.

Because you’re different. Maybe you even think of yourself as abnormal, an outcast, someone not worth knowing.

So you hide. You think that if anyone knows the real you, the one who wishes your same-sex attraction would just disappear, so you can be like everyone else, they’ll turn away. At best, they’ll tolerate you. At worst, they’ll hate you and bully you for who you are, who you dream about when no one’s looking.

But see, what I want you to get from my book is this—you’re okay. And what makes you different is not something to hate, but something to embrace. Being different doesn’t mean you’re bad; it means you’re special. Who wants to be normal, humdrum, run-of-the-mill? You’ll discover, I hope, as you grow older, that being different can be wonderful. It can lead you to all kinds of experiences, all kinds of people. It can maybe even lead you toward a love you might not even dare to dream of now....

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