Tuesday, May 10, 2022

WOUNDED AIR's Chilly Charm

If you're looking for a chill, a whisper in the dark, check out my urban ghost story, WOUNDED AIR.

Sinfully Good Gay Book Reviews says:

"Ah, foreshadowing. As we English majors used to say back in the day, "Foreshadowing: Your Key to Quality Literature." We quickly learn that one of the former tenants disappeared without a trace, and almost immediately Rick begins seeing ... something. Is it left-over energy, a timeslip between past and present, or is the desperate young man with "the essence of a ruined little boy" who appears in the apartment simply a very vivid dream?
In much the same way 1950's horror movies about unstoppable blobs or creatures from black lagoons were metaphors for communism or panic over nuclear war, the apparition here is rich with meaning. We all have our ghosts - ghosts of past mistakes, past relationships, past what-ifs. Do you confront those ghosts in order to move beyond them, or do you let complacency and fear overcome your life? Does love really conquer all, or do we sometimes throw that love away with both hands?


...The characters are deeply developed and the sheer emotional depth of this story as well as the wrenching depiction of addiction hooked me right away."

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