Friday, July 10, 2009

Win a FREE Copy of My Gay Erotic Romance Book, M4M!

So yesterday, the UPS man arrives bearing gifts (don't even go there; this is a wholesome story). He brought me my publisher copies of M4M, the new trade paperback of two inter-related gay romance titles that had previously been available only in electronic formats.

Both of those titles did very well: VGL Male Seeks Same and NEG UB2 both got rave reviews and both made it to my publisher's bestseller list for the month in which they debuted.

Now is your chance to win a FREE, signed copy of M4M, the paperback that collects the story of Ethan and Brian into one volume. All you need to do is:

1. Leave me a comment below. Say whatever you like, but be sure to include a way to get in touch with you so I can contact you about sending you a book if you win.

2. Become a follower of this blog (it's easy...see the "followers" over there on the right?). And yes, I do check.

That's it. Good luck! And happy Friday! I will announce the winner on Sunday.

Below is a little synopsis of the book and an excerpt from it, to whet your interest. If you want to skip the contest and just order a copy today, simply go to Amazon and pick up your copy for only $12.50.

Two great stories. One great love. Get between the covers with Ethan and Brian, the men whose hearts connected online and offline in the best-selling VGL Male Seeks Same. Follow them on their continuing journey in NEG UB2, where a shocking health diagnosis derails the couple’s blissful romance and teaches them both a lot about acceptance, forgiveness, and faith...especially when it comes to love.

Previously available only in electronic format, these twin novellas of gay erotic romance have now been combined for a paperback edition!

For years, Ethan had observed the hoopla surrounding the Internet and its supposed ease of getting people together for sex, romance, half price books, and even cut-rate psychotherapy, but never thought he would traverse its well-traveled highways to meet a man. Somehow, it all seemed too cheap and easy, almost tawdry. Ethan wanted to meet a man through a mutual friend, at a dinner party perhaps, where the assembled group (all attractive upwardly mobile professionals and artists) were enjoying paella and whimsical cocktails like sidecars or Tom Collins. Their eyes would meet over the olive tapenade and they would exchange phone numbers while waiting for the host to bring them their coats. Or, even better, they would meet in a bookstore (no, not that kind!) where they would both be reaching for a copy of the latest David Sedaris at the exact same moment and then would laugh and insist that the other take the shelf copy first. Or maybe he would discover his intended as he rode alone on Lake Michigan’s bike trail and his future beloved would help him when he got a flat tire. It was a story they would tell their grandchildren.

“Yeah, right.” Ethan blew out a big sigh and hit the TAB key to take him to the first box needing to be filled in. “That’s not the way it happens these days. These days, guys meet online. Period. Jane Austen would be appalled.”

Filling out the application to be a member of was not all that different than filling out a job application. Ethan shook his head. That wasn’t true at all! Filling out a job application was much easier. At least a job application didn’t ask you about your most intimate physical dimensions, or if you considered yourself a top or a bottom, or “versatile.” A job application would never ask if you considered yourself to have a swimmer’s build, or if there was “more of you to love.” A job application would never ask if you “partied,” although they might test to see if you did, if they became serious about hiring you. Filling out paperwork for a job would never require you to tell, in great detail, what you were looking for in a potential mate.

But Ethan supposed all this information, all this nosy prying, was for a good purpose, which was to match you up with other like-minded souls. And Ethan actually adored the idea of that. He was not one of these middle-aged men he saw wandering around Halsted Street dressed in head-to-toe Abercrombie and Fitch, hoping to find a “boy” of no more than thirty years or so.

Ethan wanted a companion, someone he could relate to, someone with a bit of a shared history. He wondered if this route could ever deliver such a bird.

He wondered if such a bird even existed, or if it had gone the way of the dodo.

Buy M4M.


    you can reach me at or

  2. This new fan here would LOVE a signed copy!!! I'm on my 4th Rick Reed novel....I can't after the other... Rick, you've been keeping me up late at night far too much. :-)

  3. Hi Rick...I'd LOVE to win but it's ok if I don't...i'll still order (and pay for) a copy. See how loyal I am???? ;)

  4. Rick,
    Your book sounds interesting. Can't wait to read it!

    David Adkins

  5. AnnElise, You are a girl after my own heart. I am picking completely at random, so fingers crossed for you. But I so appreciate the sentiment!

  6. Happy Friday! Thank you for all of your updates on Twitter, and for offering your material to your fans!.

  7. I am feeling lucky.... and I think Lucky likes it.

  8. I have been reading your books and can't stop. I spend a lot of time with them.. Keep up the fantastic work. can reach me at

  9. The book sounds like one that I would love to read and have a hard time putting it down in the process.

    If you pick me, I would read the book and do the following to help promote it:

    1. Do a review on my podcast.

    2. Do an interview with you on my podcast.

    In other words, I'd help you with some free publicity.

  10. I've got both these stories electronically but would love a paper copy. There's still nothing quite like paper for this old guy! Love all your stories

  11. Hi Rick,

    I'm sorry to say that I haven't read any of your books so far, but they sure do look good and I would love to win a signed copy of your book as the first book of your that I own.

  12. Would be so thrilled to have an autographed copy, which is silly in this electronic age, isn't it? It would be more efficient for you to sign my Kindle!

  13. Aloha Rick.
    I am entering myself. Ouch! lol
    Please enter me in the drawing. Find me on FB or email me @

  14. Rick, congrats on your newest book, M4M. I hope I am one of the lucky winners of the new book. What a nice thing it would be to finish up Bashed and then move right in to M4M. I know there will be great reviews on this one.

    Nowell Briscoe

  15. Hi Rick! Pick me! I need inspiration whole life has become textbooks, and I need to resurrect that lovin' feelin!
    Write me back at
    Thank you!!

  16. Hi Rick!
    Don't count me in for this one I just wanted to say congrats for the print release of M4M. I already have the ebooks (thanks to you ;)) Like Carole said I would need you to sign my laptop instead ;)(no kindle in Canada).

  17. I loved the first book although I haven't had a chance to read the second. Would to win an autographed book :)

  18. finally we have an author who understands the cravings of men who desire mystery and drama intertwined with real-life characters in passionate relations with other men! instead of only taboo interludes in the bathroom stall encounters in the inane mainstream supermarket rag books, gay men now have bold characters in exciting dramas who live life as we live! thank you, Rick for helping to usher in a new age of thrilling literary media! best wishes on your newest endeavors! gamtnsman

  19. Would love to get a copy of your books! You are a great talent!


  20. Me! Me! Pick me! I'll come pick it up when we take delivery of our next plane. From, from..oh you know, that place that makes planes in your neck of the woods.

    Happy Friday too you too, Rick!


  21. (Hmmm, comments wasn't working but it is now.) But it's probably just my antique computer acting up.

    So... pick me! I gave you my logical reasoning on FB. Not only will I pass it on to a journalist I know, but I'll brag about it to every reader I know.

  22. hey rick ...... i am trying for the simple reason that if i do get one it will be my first book of it' kind cos where i am from you cannot get any of these kind of books in any stores so it would be a great pleasure to get one

  23. Rick, I've never read one of your books. I've been following you because I think you're easy on the eyes.

    So... I'm a Rick Reed book virgin. You could change that!

  24. Me! Me! Me! 'cause you can't sign the ebook file and I don't want graffiti on my Kindle screen :P

  25. Tweeted this for ya just cause I could!

  26. I just want to read the book. lol Win or lose, I'm getting a copy. :)

  27. I would love to read M4M Rick! I am already a follower of your blog.

    Michael McGeehan!

    Congrats, Michael. I will be in touch to get your address.

  29. One of the joys of being a bookstore manager is the limitless source of ordering power.

    Well, okay, semi-limited power, but still, I get drunk on it. I'll bring it in, and buy a copy for m'self.

    Congratulations on the UPS arrival - I know I was over the moon when my FFL arrived. Does that joy ever wear off?

  30. No, it doesn't! Thanks for the message. Hope you enjoy M4M and will let me know what you think.

  31. oh well, duh, I was on the wrong site and you are ready have a winner! cool. guess I'm shopping. LOL!

  32. Now that's an attitude I just love!